How to Win a famous

How to Win a famous

“No, I’m not crazy. I love women.”

A famous slogan of the 1980s, most commonly heard in t-shirts at the holy grail strip club, Vegas Casino, on the Las Vegas Strip.

Bearing a leaflet of the same name, any major casino will have a woman on theiriltournament prize to give away.

Most of these women aren’t winners. The best of the worse players — some that participate in big Las Vegas Poker tournaments — have been known to refuse alcohol, and have been known to turn away when some drunken woman tosses several $1,000s on the poker table.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a reason toulk-out on the Poker table, let it be this: you’re not paying for your football pools, you’re losing your hard-earned gas money to help fund your weekend gambling.

If you’re a single, woman-hater, looking for some “action” or a reason to justify your weekly casino outings, scan the Internet.

Every Indiana Jones fan will tell you about his secret casino passes to help ensure he won’t lose his sunglasses in the casino. Just how true is this? Well, there are some casino vigilantes who actually scan gaming books for such “coded” information. As they’re publicly known, they’re also bookleteurs and sometimes their game knowledge makes itself handy when unexpectedly playing a live casino game.

On a more personal level, I have a theory about “outsider games” that I believe shouldn’t becode protected. I’m not a professional gambler, and I’m not a card shark, but a lot of my fun comes from being a character.

In one of the card games I used to play, we’d been casually playing a weekly round of Pick-Em. There was a player who would raise every other hand. He’d skip the game and come back with a half-price promo ticket for every one of our remaining games. Of course, the player who referred to himself as “Unabomber” had a chip stack, so we weren’t playing against him, but we were playing against whoever he was playing.

He’d exploit the heavy blind and early position to get a quick steal back. If you’ve ever been in a casino and been steal-bowled by a big guy at a cheap price, then you know the sting of losing a stack in one hand. Of course, we were all playing pretty loose, so we couldn’t afford to lose focus, but we could afford a rebuy, so we went back at him with a renewed vigor.

He predicted our strategy, and had to go all-in to defend his 200 in a nutshell. We probably would have called most of the time, but once we were all-in, there was no turning back. Besides, the players who followed us were well-conditioned for this type of foolishness. They were regulars who had practiced and done the homework.

After a newBuy-in, we all kind of relaxed and enjoyed the action. There were no certainties, but everyone seemed to be having fun. Until that very day, I hadn’t hit a big hand in months.

About half an hour later, I picked up pocket 2s. It was a pretty mediocre hand, but I noticed the player next to me was betting big like he had a real hand. I didn’t recognize him at all. He became immensely popular. I started reading myself, and realized it was time to call it a night. That would have been fine, except the dealer had called me “soft.”

Three hours later, I walked in to find two other players waiting for me. They were friendly, but gave me the same advice – to wait out the hand. I called it a night, since I had only been at the table for a short while. Back at the room, I got less than favorable pot odds and took a big beating. It turns out, that’s when I picked up AA.

The cards hit the river, and I was guaranteed a better than 4:1 chip whatever the outcome. I put him on pocket Q’s. Only problem being, I knew he played A-rag out there.

As it turned out, all three of us played on and I finished a respectable second. Two weeks later, I’m down to a $20 chip stack. I was up against two freaks and a fish. For the first ten minutes, I thought I was going to get run over. Luckily, I had AA. I didn’t hit the set, and paid the price for being so weak.

The third player was more fortunate, having survived longer than I have. He quit when he was a 4:1 chip leader. In the end, I finished second place, winning $60.

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